Sustain Evanston incentivizes businesses to voluntarily reduce their environmental impact and create a healthier community.


    Whether you're an established sustainable business or just getting started, Sustain Evanston can provide the resources and tools for you.

  • Be Part of a Solution

    Be Promoted

    Your business will gain recognition and receive promotional materials to display in your storefront window and online to show your customers you care.

    Cash Incentive

    To reward your hard work and commitments, any business completing the program will receive $250.

    Protect the Environment

    Making changes in how your business runs will conserve energy, reduce water, and protect our resources which will decrease your impact on climate change.

    Support Evanston

    As Evanston strives to be the most livable city, businesses are at the heart of it. Making changes to be a sustainable business leads to a strengthened community and a better economy.

  • Electronic Processing of North America, LLC

    “EPNA is proud to be a responsible Evanston business. After participating in the Sustain Evanston Program, we are even more strategic in our packaging, recycling, and energy usage. We recognize that all businesses must step up so that Evanston’s CARP goals can be achieved.”



    Sustain Evanston Recognized since 2019


    “Participating in Sustain Evanston has taught us to utilize every opportunity in the retail environment to recycle and re-purpose our packaging and supplies to avoid them becoming waste."



    Sustain Evanston Recognized since 2019

    Dream to Product

    "Dream to Product is very proud to participate in the Sustain Evanston program. It has brought a lot of value to our entire team specifically around what is and isn't recyclable and how that influences our buying choices"


    Sustain Evanston Recognized since 2019