• How it Works

  • The 2019 Sustain Evanston businesses followed these steps to become recognized.


    Businesses downloaded the checklist and had to be able to mark off 10 sustainable actions, including the required actions. Businesses were able to request a site visit for help or visit the Resource page for details on each sustainable action.

    Filled Out

    Businesses filled out an online survey where they indicated which of the 20 actions their business completed and uploaded supporting documentation.

    Got Recognized

    If all requirements were met, the businesses were officially a Sustain Evanston business and received a program window decal and $250. Be sure to check out the City of Evanston Facebook for Sustain Evanston spotlights.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of businesses can join?

    For the 2019 recognition period, we recognized the following business types. For future recognition periods, we are interested in expanding to more sectors. If you have any interest or feedback for a program that would fit your business, please contact us.

    • Office/Retail
    • Restaurants

    How does a business become a Sustain Evanston recognized business and what are the steps?

    Businesses downloaded the Sustain Evanston checklist and marked off any actions they were doing. They needed to be doing 10 out of the 20 actions to be recognized. For help in achieving 10 actions, there is a resource sheet with tips and links on the website. Once they completed 10 actions, they filled out the survey on the website where they checked off the completed actions and provided necessary proof. Proof can include anything from a receipt or picture to a memo. City staff reviewed submissions and contacted the business for follow-up questions.


    What is Sustain Evanston?

    Sustain Evanston was created by the City of Evanston to support Evanston businesses and recognize them for their work in sustainability. This program assists the City in reaching its goals in carbon neutrality, renewable electricity, and zero waste as outlined in its Climate Action and Resilience Plan, which can be read at www.cityofevanston.org/climate. The recognition helps businesses who are established environmental leaders or businesses just getting started. Businesses part of the program help protect the environment, save money, and show customers there are measurable actions behind their commitments.


    How much does the program cost?

    The program is free to join. Recognized businesses received $250 to help offset costs needed to make changes.


    If you have any additional questions, please reach out to sustainability@cityofevanston.org.