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    Assembly Creators

    Recognized 2019

    A curation of jewelry, accessories, and home and beauty products from small business owners, Assembly Creators is comprised of designers and creators assembled from all over the United States. Assembly Creators purchases 100% recycled paper products, uses homemade cleaning products to create a safer space for employees and customers, and uses LED lighting to save energy.

    Backlot Coffee

    Recognized 2019

    Backlot Coffee is an independent, community coffee shop located on Central Street where neighbors can gather. Backlot Coffee offers reusable and compostable products, displays local artwork, and has incorporated reclaimed wood into their space.

    Dream to Product

    Recognized 2019

    Dream to product is an Evanston Contract Manufacturer that designs and makes products. As manufacturers who have incorporated sustainability into their business plan, they are always finding creative ways to reuse materials, repair broken products that would otherwise go to a landfill, and design innovative products.

    Electronic Processing of North America (EPNA)

    Recognized 2019

    A merchant processing company, Electronic Processing of North America (“EPNA”) offers the full array of payment-acceptance solutions and equipment to businesses and merchants of all sizes and from all industries. The only business in this industry to be a certified Women Business Enterprise, EPNA implemented changes to reduce their energy usage and the amount of waste they send to the landfill.

    Hip Circle Empowerment Center

    Recognized 2019

    A nonprofit bellydance and fitness studio, Hip Circle Empowerment Center aims to empower all women and girls to believe they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of attention. HCEC has completely eliminated disposables like single-use plastic bags, disposable cups, and paper towels and offers a senior discount to show their commitment to Age-Friendly initiatives.

    In Fine Fettle

    Recognized 2019

    A holistic health center and wellness boutique, In Fine Fettle is expertly trained in acupuncture, herbs, massage, and high quality supplements and wellness products. In Fine Fettle purchases 100% renewable energy, strives to reuse and recycle as much as possible, and is constantly working to promote energy efficiency in their own operations.

    Kombucha Brava

    Recognized 2019

    Kombucha Brava is a small, local family business that brews artisanal Kombucha with organic ingredients and ferments their product in oak barrels. Kombucha Brava is a zero waste business that is dedicated to creating connections and relationships within the Evanston community.


    Recognized 2019

    A contemporary women's clothing and gift store, Notice is a small family business that has been on Central Street for almost 10 years. At Notice, all of their employees are Evanston residents and they work with local businesses like a local jewler, who they can return packaging to for reuse.

    Walsh Natural Health

    Recognized 2019

    Walsh Natural Health is a unique store devoted to its customers’ health that sells supplements, natural body care, essential oils, and other health-related products.